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Shepherd Center Society (SCS) is gearing up for another event-filled year.

The fifth annual Big Game Bash starts off the year on Sunday, Feb. 3. Always a big hit for SCS members, Big Game Bash serves as a membership drive, and friends are welcome to attend and find out more about the group. The party at the Bobby Jones Golf Clubhouse will include tailgate food, plenty of drinks and, of course, the Super Bowl game on a giant TV screen.

As SCS plans for 2013, it’s important to note the success of the 2012 events. The SCS Executive Committee worked hard to raise funds for Shepherd Center and to increase awareness for the hospital. Membership increased dramatically with SCS having more than 250 members in 2012.

Big Game Bash 2012 was enjoyed by more than 200 people and had 11 local restaurants contributing food for the event.

More than 500 guests enjoyed spectacular food and wine at Summer in the City 2012, the group’s marquee event.

The Tailgate was attended by 1,000 football fans and raised awareness for Shepherd Center.

Everyone enjoyed themselves at the Happy Hours that took place in local bars and restaurants every other month. The Happy Hours provided a great way to get to know about SCS. The socials increased membership and provided a good way for members to network and get to know each other.

Overall in 2012, Shepherd Center Society raised more than $50,000, which helps fund Shepherd Center’s SHARE Military Initiative. SHARE provides a continuum of rehabilitation care for soldiers who have sustained a traumatic brain injury while serving the United States on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. Funds for
SHARE are raised through SCS membership, donations, sponsorships, auction items and event ticket sales.

As 2013 begins, SCS is emerging as one of Atlanta’s top professional groups focusing on engagement, fundraising and having a good time for a great cause.

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